Thursday, 8 August 2013

Project Shadowstug Launches 1st August 2013

A new charity project has been announced by Peachey Models.

The project aims to raise over £1000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital and Help For Heroes, by auctioning off two bespoke Warhammer 40,000 super-heavy tanks, as well as a small number of additional items. The models will be based on Games Workshop’s Baneblade kits.


The kits and supplies for the project have been donated by Wayland Games and Beasts of War.


Richard Peachey, the man behind the project, said: “This project is a great way for the war-gaming community to come together and raise money for a good cause. The winning bidders will be helping two very important charities, and will be the proud owners of two very unique tanks.”


Regular updates will be posted on the Beasts of War website. Both tanks will be sold built and painted to the highest bidder, alongside custom-made commanders for each tank.


Richard added: “I have initiated discussions with South London Warlords and Salute about hosting the Charity action at Salute 2014, which gives us 6 months and a labour of love to complete the project.”


“So many people have offered their help and support including Josh Eteson, Matthew Davies off of Power Armoured Metal, Warren Johnston off of Beasts of War and Stuart Mackaness from Wayland Games.”


Richard will be producing a tank dubbed the “Shadowstug”, a tank based on the World War Two sturmgesch├╝tz, a well-known German tank destroyer. The tank will be accompanied by a Krupp-Porsche inspired “tank designer” 28mm model, custom sculpted by Josh Eteson.


The second tank will be built by Matthew Davies of Power Armoured Metal, and will be based on the British prototype tank from the same era; the A39 Tortoise. It will include a British styled tank-commander figure.


The money raised will be split evenly between both charities.




For more information, contact Richard Peachey at:



Background Information

Help for Heroes is a British run charity which aims to help the lives of injured serving soldiers, and support families who have lost loved ones in recent wars.

Saint Ormond’s Street Hospital is a world leading Children’s Hospital. Formed in 1852, it aims to improve children’s healthcare globally and find better cures for illnesses affecting children.

Peachey Models is an independent model shop, offering commissioned services and direct sales and Wargames trading.

Power Armoured Metal is a web-blog and tutorial site, run by Matthew Davies. It has been in operation since 2011, and has over 500 unique fans.