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With over 24 years of hobby experience in Model Railways, Model Aircraft and Wargaming, we are THE value alternative to Commissioned Painting and Weathering Services for Wargames Miniatures and Model Enthusiasts.

To be a greater Value alternative to Commissioned Painting, Providing 'Tournament Standard' commissioned painting and railway weathering at affordable prices.

Undertaking Miniature/Model painting and weathering, for Clients and re-sale.

Services Include;
Buy New (straight from the distributor)
Buy Weathered (railway rollingstock weathered to your lay out, clay, sand, mud, smoke, oil etc.)
Buy-Build (models bought and built for you to paint)
Build-Paint (complete models you have already bought)
Just Paint (Painting your built models)
Ready-To-Play (supplied models, completed ready for use)

If you already have models that are needing to be completed, that's fine! Just let us know what you want and we will price accordingly.

We work on models from 1/2400 to 1/6th scale,

As our service portfolio is so vast, we price each job individually.
(28mm Miniature "Build-Paint" prices usually range from £2-£10 per mini dependent on other factors.)

Pricing is dealt with on a project by project basis, variable factors include; workload, availability of materials, standard required and time restraints (short deadlines). An emailed quote can be sent out detailing turn around and costs including postage.

Terms and Conditions of Service
The service that we provide is very specialized and because of the custom nature of what we do, we have very strict policies.

For Commissioned work, we ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit before starting your project, if we are sourcing models for you, we will ask for the cost of the models +25% deposit. This is binding and commits you to the completion of the project. You are making a commitment to see the project through and not cancel it for any reason.

If final payment is not received within 30 days of Acceptance of Completion, We reserve the right to sell on your project to recover our costs.

There are no refunds except at our personal discretion. We are willing to re-work a project or potentially award a credit note.

We welcome customers from outside the UK, all sales are final to out-of-country clients. Take a good look at the photos (we are happy to take more or make minor alterations). Once a project reaches customs there are no returns! We can't be responsible after that.

We package miniatures as we would expect to receive them, on-occasion models do get damaged in transit, we are happy to repair for free, although we cannot cover the postage costs.

We reserve the right to, at any time refund a client and cease work on a project due to unforeseen circumstances.

As a matter of course, we may refer to manufacturers and their products, no Copyright infringement is intended.

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