Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dwarf Army Project and Rush #2

So the Dwarf Army Project is blipping away in the background, like a good Regu Sauce.

The International Brotherhood of Hobbyists ran a speed painting competition 'Rush #2', I thought it would be a good reason to do some more of the dwarves.

So the theme of the competition was 'Scouting Party' I chose the front rank of the Rangers :D

Brushes used
Army Painter Character
Army Painter Detail
Army Painter Insane Detail

Paints Used
Army Painter Black Primer
Halfords Grey Primer

Gunmetal Grey
Dark Sea Grey
Sky Blue
Medium Fleshtone
Iraqui Sand

Orkhide Shade
Goblin green
Snot Green
Scorpion Green
Mordian blue
Chaos Black
Tin Bitz
Mithril Silver
Tanned Flesh
Dark Flesh
Scorched Brown
Bestial Brown
Snakebite Leather
Vermin Brown
Bubonic Brown

Folk Art Stains-Mahogany
Thraka Green]
Badab Black
Ogryn Flesh
Baal Red
Devaln Mud
Gryphonne Sepia

Firstly using the Army Painter Black spray, then Halfords Grey primer to get pre-shading done.

Using Gunmetal Grey to base coat helmets, chainmail and weapon's, I then highlighted with a mix of Gunmetal and Mithril Silver (except weapons).

Once dry, I started on the green, wet blending on cloak up-to the highest highlight of Snot Green. The edging of the chain-mail was edge highlighted to Snot Green then applied Thraka Green wash.

Gold area's were base coated in Tin Bitz, Skin painted Tanned Flesh, beards paited Scorched Brown, then individual hairs highlighted to Bubonic, grey beards painted Dark Sea Grey and shaded with Badab Black, then re-highlighted with Dark Sea Grey.

Horns and Drum Skin Painted with Iraqui Sand, highlighted with Iraqui sand and White and Washed with Devlan mud, Orgry flesh and Badab Black.

Gold area's painted Brass and washed with Devlan Mud and Badab Black.

Skin washed with Mahogany and Sepia before highlighting with Tanned Flesh.

Leather parts were painted in Dark flesh then highlighted with Bestial Brown, Vermin Brown and Bubonic Brown before washes.

Weapons had edge highlighting of Mithril Silver but left mainly Gunmetal to show their wear.

Banner Painted in Mordian Blue, highlighted with Sky Blue and white.

Snot painted with greens and washed, loin cloth ant hair painted with browns, eyes and teeth picked out.


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