Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Model Rail Project: 68846 Realism Work

The Project: 68846 0-6-0ST formerly of LNER and GNR, doing the majority of its work at Kings Cross.

This J52 Ivatt built locomotive, was the first to be privately purchased from British Railways.
The lined out livery which is unusual for tank locomotives was applied during its last few years in service as it was used at Kings Cross for carriage shunting and was often seen alongside the more prestigious locomotives (The Flying Scotsman and Mallard among others).

Currently Residing at NRM Shildon.


Railway 2011

 To start the body was removed from the chassis, the brass detailing completed, smoke box painted a 'worn-with-heat' black (model colour German grey :)) and the cab internals painted (this was made more difficult due to not being able to open the cab). The body then received a thorough gloss varnish ready for weathering.

Using a blend of washes and pigments, I built up the colour of dirt, grease, coal dust, water stain, and dirty water marks, including dulling of the bright white lining, printed new by Hornby.

Hornby's Model


 My Finished 68846

I have found this image of 68846 at Kings Cross Yard February 1959.

The eagle eyed of you may notice I have not re-created the line striping on the front of the tank.

The main reason for this is skill and tools I haven't got a steady-enough hand and a small enough brush to do by eye, and if i mask the area to paint I wouldn't be able to re-create the organic flow of the line over the contours on the boiler. In my mind, its best left black than have me bodge it :D

Also, as this model is fairly old, it was missing its vacuum hoses and smoke box piping. 

Here is the final Image.

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