Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Project Completion: Khador Winter Guard

Miniature Painting Project: Warmachine Khador Winter Guard

The project was to build and paint these Winter Guard infantry, along with a rocketeer, officer and Standard Bearer. 9 Miniatures in total.

Paint list
Vallejo Model Colour:
70950 Black
70883 Silvergrey
70951 White
70863 Gunmetal Grey
70801 Brass
70985 Hull Red
70926 Red
70947 Bermellon/Red
70826 German Cam. Med. Brown
70940 Saddle Brown
70819 Iraqui Sand
70995 German Grey
70991 Dark Sea Grey
70983 Flat Earth

61-11 Bad Moon Yellow
61-58 Tin Bitz
Devlan Mud Wash
61-75 Black Ink
Red Ink

First, base-coating in skull White, all the block colours were added and then washed with black ink and Devlan Mud.

The Details were then picked out, Wet blending on the flag and long coats, blending on the red shoulder pads, Guns and Axes were dry brushed.

Once all the details were picked out, faces and metallic Embellishments, the unit was based using sand and painted to look like snow.

The Finished Unit

Watch this space [ ] for our next project Kroq Gar on Carnosaur

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  1. i might add that a gold was added at a later date for the cap badge. very nice effects.