Friday, 15 February 2013

Project Completion: Infinity Starter Set Yu Jing Japanese Sectorial Army

The project was to build and Paint the Infinity Starter Set for Yu Jing, the Japanese Sectorial army, with the addition of a Missile Launcher.

Paints Used

Charadon Granite
Adeptus Battlegrey
Astronomican Grey
Tanned Flesh
Tallarn Flesh
Scorched Brown
Vermin Brown
Blood Red
Red Gore
Scorpion Red
Snot Green
Chaos Black
Mithril Silver
Boltgun Metal
Skull White
Ice Blue
Baal Red
Orgyn Flesh
Thraka Green


Firstly undercoated in Army Painter Matt Black, the Hakama were wet blended with Chaos Black, Adeptus Battlegrey and Astronomican Grey, then washed with Badab Black.

The Armour was painted a 50/50 mix of red gore and Blood red, highlighted with Blood red and washed with Baal Red.

Flesh was layered with Tanned Flesh and Tallarn Flesh then washed with Ogryn Flesh.

Details were then picked out.

Based on Charadon Granite with a sand/stone mix painted Scorched and Vermin Brown.


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