Friday, 1 February 2013

Project Completion: Lizardmen Kroq Gar

Miniature Painting Project: Warhammer Lizardmen Kroq Gar on Carnosaur

The project was to build and paint this Citadel Finecast Miniature, Kroq Gar on his Carnosaur.

Paint list
Vallejo Model Colour:
70950 Black
70951 White
70801 Brass
70985 Hull Red
70926 Red
70947 Bermellon/Red
70826 German Cam. Med. Brown
70819 Iraqui Sand
70983 Flat Earth
70840 Light turqoise
70899 Dark Prussia Blue
70961 Sky Blue
70805 German Orange

Asurmen Blue Wash
61-58 Tin Bitz
Devlan Mud Wash
61-75 Black Ink
Red Ink

First, base-coating the Carnosaur in skull White, all the block colours were added, hull red for the scales and Flat earth for the skin. Then Highlights were added to the scales, Red and Bermellon, the skin tones were layered and wet blended with Iraqui Sand and White in different mixtures. The whole model then had a a Devlan Mud wash and red ink applied to the scales.

Final highlights and details added to the Carnosaur, Tinbitz and Brass metallics, Hullred/red mixture highlights for the scales, teeth/tongue painted, eyes and claws. (this image shows up very dark)

Then onto Kroq Gar, base coated Black, then Dark Prussia Blue, highlighted with a mix of Sky blue, Light Turquoise and Dark Prussia Blue. Metal based in Tinbitz

 and top coated in Brass, Skulls and teeth painted Iraqui Sand and wet blended and highlighted with a mix of Iraqui sand and white.

Kroq Gar then had a Asurmen Blue Wash and the metals and Recesses painted with black ink. Wood painted German Cam Med Brown and Highlighted with Flat Earth.

Once all done, the two were stuck together using a Terracotta Milli-put filler between the saddle and the Carnosaurs back, this was then painted with black ink to match the scales. Finally the model recieved 2 coats of matt varnish to keep it safe.

The Finished Piece.

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